Friday, November 6, 2009

Four Months Old

Four Month's Old

Trick or Treat

Pretty little Fairy Princess!!

Ride 'em Cowboy Kale!!
Solider Brody and his little Posse!!!


What a great Halloween Season it was. We had so much fun going to the Heiser Pumpkin Patch in the first part of the month to get our pumpkins. The weather was absolutely beautiful and the kids had so much fun there, we spent the whole afternoon clear into the evening there. We did the hay maze, the corn maze, the bounce house and slide. We watched the plow horses plow the fields and we watched the pumpkin cannon and we took a hay ride out to choose our pumpkins, it was such a fun day!!!
Of course we also picked a big enough pumpkin to put Settelly in, it's been a fun tradition of mine to take pictures of my children in pumpkins on their first Halloween!! Settelly was so cute sitting in the pumpkin, at one point she even started to suck on the side of the pumpkin!! It must have tasted good!!
After the pumkin pictures and her in her little angel wings and tutu I took pictures of the boys all dressed up and then Settelly, by that time she had fallen asleep in her pretty dress. Who would have known that those pictures would be so preciouse of her asleep on her brothers laps!!

The Pumpkin Cannon

This was great fun to sit and watch these guys with the two cannon's firing off pumpkins at the blue barrels. The boys especially enjoyed this, it was such a great day!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Settelly's First Photo Shoot

So I am having way to much fun with this little girl!! Kale and I did a photo shoot of Settelly on Friday after we had gone over to the fruit stand and bought this beautiful bouquet of sunflowers. When we got home I was about to take pictures of the flowers and then remembered that Settelly has a little sunflower outfit and how cute she would be next to the bouquet. So I set up my black background went out to the shop and found some of Bryce's construction lights and Kale and I went to town on photographing Settelly, Kale made a great assistant!! We took so many pictures trying to hopefully get a few that would turn out and were surprised at how many did turn out beautifully and then to try and narrow them down, oh my!!! I think there are 49 in this slide show!!

Freestone Family Reunion

We had so much fun at my family reunion this summer, all our family came!! We stayed over in Manzanita and we all had beach houses right next to each other and we partied for a week straight!! The reunion was Friday-Sunday and we had a huge Pirate treasure hunt on Saturday for the kids at the Nehalem Bay, it was great everyone had parts and there was an actual trunk filled with treasure that was hidden in the forest, the kids loved it!! Each family was presented with a beautiful family book that my Aunt Julie had painstakingly put together, complete with bio sketch's and a cd of my Grandfather James B. Freestone playing his accordion. What a treasure that will be to us all. We had some great fun and adventures from train rides to 5 mile hike over Neakhanie Mountain, Kale and Settelly did that with me and my Mom, Dad and brother Brendan. We had so much fun at the beach there and made some lasting memories with all our family there!! Below is the slide show of our adventures!!!

Fun Pics

This is Bryce and Settelly's little trick! Bryce holds her out on his hand and she is so strong that she can hold her self sitting up, she loves to do this, she's always smiling at Bryce when they do this!!

Kalester loves to take bath's, if there was one thing I wish that I could turn off in our house it would be the bathroom water! Kale is always in the tub, I turn around for two minutes and he's in there with the door locked, little rascal. He was so excited that I put Settelly in the tub with him, he was so cute, he washed her with her little wash cloth!! Settelly loves to take baths too so I imagine they will be little partners in crime!! Rub a dub dub there's two babe's in the tub!!

This was a cute pic that I took of her a few sunday's ago, Brody suggested putting her in her Bumbo seat so we put a blanket over the top to add a little contrast!! We love our Bumbo seat, Thanks Jenny and Aunt Jan!!

Baby Talk

Settelly was so talkative this day, we sat on the couch and just chattered at each other. Kale was so cute he came over with a big smile and says "Baby sister talk" ? It's so cute to watch my boys with their little sister, now if only they could be sweet like that with each other, oh well, life is Good!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Settelly's Blessing

Settelly was blessed on August 2nd, she was five weeks old. She looked so beautiful in her first little white dress. The dress is the one that I was blessed in, my mother made it for me, she even entered it in the fair and won a blue ribbon for it, which is in my baby book!! Settelly was so good, she didn't cry while she was blessed and Bryce looked so proud holding her in his arms. He sure loves his little girl, always cooing at her and kissing her, holding her every chance he gets. It was definitely a very special day, I am so thankful that I had a little girl that I could pass my beautiful blessing dress too, maybe someday her little girl will wear it too.

Brody's Baptism

Brody was baptized on August 1st which was Kale's birthday, it was a great day!! Brody was a little nervous but he looked so handsome and did so well. Joanie, Adam, Kora , Mike and Darlene all traveled from Utah to be here for this special event and for Settelly's Blessing, we got so lucky being able to do them the same weekend. All our family and friends were able to share in this special day with us. We are so proud of Brody, he is growing into such a handsome young man, we love him dearly.

The Boys Birthday

The boys just celebrated their birthday's!! Brody's was on July 30th, he turned eight and Kale's was on August 1st, he turned four. I cant believe that my boy's are getting so old, time seems to move quicker the older I get, sometimes it just doesn't seem fair I wish I could enjoy things longer. Anyway we had one big party for them, Bryce and I got the boy's the big water slide for their gift and they love it, they have had so much fun on it, it will be sad when we have to put it away come winter cause it has provided hours of entertainment!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One Month Old

Settelly is One Month Old

So today our little Settelly is one month old and I can hardly believe it. It seems forever ago that I was pregnant but it dosn't seem like it could possibly be a month already that I gave birth to my little girl. Settelly is such a joy to our family, she adds such a sweet touch to us!! She seems to make the boys a little more tender when they are near her. She is such a good sound sleeper, she sleeps through everything, including her brothers rough housing!
She is very strong, just like the boys!, she was holding her head up for short periods when she was first born and has gotten much stronger!! She loves to look around and she will even reach out a grab your finger with a very firm grip!! She loves to smile, I love it when she first wakes up and she looks up at me and starts to smile, it is just the sweetest thing ever!!
I love having this sweet angel baby in our home, it all seems so amazing to me, she is definitely a little gift from heaven!! Happy First Month Settelly!

The River

Yesterday was one heck of a hot day, it got up to 109!! Bryce and the kids and I went with a bunch of friends down to the Yamhill River in Carlton where there is a great swimming hole with a rope swing. We all went running into the water to keep from melting!! Bryce, Brody and I all jumped from the swing a few times, it was great fun! Kale floated around in a boat with the other little kids and even little Settelly got in the water, her first swimming experience, I think she really liked it, but she eventually got a little tired and had to take a nap!! It was so nice to get in and cool off, I think the water had to be in the 80 degree range, it felt so good!!